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Vegan Gummies
No Pesticides
USA Hemp
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Lab Tested, USA Grown Hemp, and Nano-Emulsion Technology for Maximum Benefit. (p.s. These gummies taste great!)

We made the premium Hemp Gummy product we couldn't find for ourselves. We made it taste great, and we added healthy ingredients like Coconut Oil and Spirulina! Why hemp Gummies? It's an easy way to introduce this healthy habit in your daily routing that you'll actually look forward to!

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About Vegan gummies

How many gummies can I eat?

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We suggest following the directions on on the bottle which recommend 1-2 gummies per day. Each gummy contains 13mg of organically grown hemp

What flavors do you have?

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They come in one flavor: delicious. But in all seriousness, they come assorted with Cherry, Orange and Lime gummies.

Where do you source your hemp?

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We are proud to source our hemp from family farms in Colorado that pay their workers livable wages.

What is nano-emulsion?

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Nano emulsification makes hemp particles small enough and more water soluble...thus more receptive to cellular absorption.

Are your farming practices organic?

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YES! Our hemp is grown at farms that ONLY practices organic AND sustainable methods. We only get one body and one earth :)

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